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Sweet and Sour Zine, Issue One

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  • Sweet and Sour Zine, Issue One

This issue consists of 24 full-color double sided A5 pages in a perfect bound book.

NOTE: As this is a free issue and we have limited copies, we can only distribute ONE ZINE per person. Thank you for your understanding !

Sweet and Sour was conceived with the notion of creating a space for individuals and communities with Asian heritage in Australia to share our thoughts, experiences and creativity. Every word and illustration within this book comes from an Asian creator, but is produced for everyone, no matter your race or culture.

The pieces collected in this zine explore a variety of issues associated with being Asian in Australia. Many of them are difficult to talk about and often hard to articulate. We see the subject of identity explored through our relationship with food, Aussie references, and WhatsApp screenshots, offering a wealth of insight into our intimate experiences.